wireless automation solutions

OleumTech is a leading provider of wireless automation solutions for industrial applications involving process monitoring and control systems.  Our product

s unite traditional control infrastructures with cutting-edge wireless technology.

For over a decade, we have been committed to the needs of mission-critical wireless automation applications in the Oil & Gas, Refining, Petro-Chemical, Utilities, Water/Wastewater industries, and many others.

Comprised of robust wireless sensors and wireless gateways, the WIO® System by OleumTech is an end-to-end wireless remote monitoring infrastructure

that enables organizations to improve operational efficiency and productivity, reduce costs and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

We strive for continuing improvement to the quality of our products and services.  In addition, we listen and work closely with our customers, enabling us to enhance and expand our line of products and solutions.

OleumTech headquarters is located in Irvine, California with offices located throughout North America.

Fortress Interlocks offer the most robust safety interlocks in industry today

The market leader, Fortress Interlocks designs and manufactures safety access & control systems. Fortress offers an unrivalled portfolio suitable for applications across a wide industrial base from power generation and distribution, steel, automotive, recycling, building materials, through safeguarding robots and palletisers. With in excess of 40 years experience in the safety market, Fortress is renowned for innovative design, robust engineering and reliability.

Total Access & Control

With the introduction of eGard, Fortress can provide "Total Access & Control", from cost effective general duty access interlocks and simple automation control systems (eGard), to the most robust trapped key interlocks (mGard) or safety gate switches (amGard).

Why choose Fortress

Fortress is a solution provider and our extensive product offering and interlocking experience allows us to provide unique solutions for all safeguarding applications. We regularly create bespoke solutions, often by customising our standard products.


mGard is the premier range of robust modular trapped key products. Trapped key technology offers mechanical solutions to safeguarding dangerous machines and hazardous processes.

eGard offers "Total Access & Control". The innovative modular design allows the creation of safety gate switches, trapped key interlocks and machine control stations or any configuration of all three.

amGardpro is the ultimate range of safety gate switches. The robust modular arrangement offers an extensive variety of access solutions that can be tailored to suit any application.


Nematron Corporation has deep manufacturing roots in many industries. The level of reliability, ruggedness, and longevity that is required of HMI and control products in most process or control industries meshes precisely with Nematron’s lines of UL/cUL and Class I Division 2 approved, Intel-based industrial PCs, flat panel monitors, and operator interface panels.

And why is it that Nematron industrial computers and monitors, built here in the U.S., continue to outperform the competition in terms of reliability, satisfaction, and quality for almost 30 years?

• Nematron products are engineered with incredible precision, quality, and detail.

• All components meet world-class quality specifications and are tested and proven to perform under extreme environments and conditions.

• For long product life cycles, Nematron follows the “Intel® embedded roadmap” for chipset and processor selection.

• Nematron stays connected with customers long after the sale by continuing to offer support for decades old products.

• Nematron offers one of the shortest lead times in the industry.

• Nematron focuses on maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction.

In addition to the sales of Industrial PCs, HMIs, I/O, embedded Controllers and Automation Software we can provide custom design, application, and integration services. We also provide service and repair capabilities for many of our legacy systems.

Nematron operates from our North American headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Contact us to learn about the many products and solutions we can provide you.

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New ... drive.web Ethernet distributed control products ...

Unbeatable! Cost effective in systems of any size or complexity

drive.web connectivity

drive.web savvy drive system engineering tools are simple and intuitive

  • drive.web devices (speedys&smartys) connect peer to peer over Ethernet for a completely homogeneous control environment.
  • drive.web devices provide full featured programmable control functions.
  • There is no limit to system size or complexity.
  • ALL system configuration data and touch screen display information is stored in the drive.web devices - everything!
  • Every facet of your system is easily accessible from anywhere.

Key drive.web Facts and Features

  • Low cost, high performance systems integration.
  • Platform independent tools. (Windows, Mac, Linux, Sun, etc.)
  • drive.web Distributed Control does not have the bandwidth limitations of conventional PLC CPU architectures. The more nodes you have, the more processing capacity you have.
  • Standardized, pre-engineered proven system solutions
  • Easily interfaces with your favorite operator station, PLC, drive or SCADA system.
  • Easy remote access for configuration, diagnostics, monitoring or control across the internet (multi user) or via direct dial up (single user).
  • Automated technology updates across the Internet.
  • Supports Virtual Private Networking (VPN) across the Internet for secure connections.
  • Basic software packages - free of charge.
  • Great applications support.