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Value Propositions for Wireless Sensor Networks

Reduce Costs

OleumTech wireless solutions are helping organizations stay competitive. In an effort to reduce cost, while improving efficiency and productivity, our wireless automation solutions are designed to help you achieve those exact requirements by helping you incur less materials, engineering, labor, and maintenance costs.

Rapid Implementation

Because there are less obstacles and time needed for deployment, data collection comes on almost instantly when deploying wireless sensor and I/O networks. Wireless systems eliminate trenching, running conduit, and drastically reduce engineering time and cost allowing you to go from design to full deployment in a very short period of time.

Improve Quality and Safety

Replacing manual readings with an automated system provides data that is more timely, accurate, and reliable. More importantly, wireless automation systems reduce hazardous exposure to human beings and also helps reduce accidents while providing 24/7, around-the-clock, near real-time monitoring.

Robust, Reliable, and Secure

By delivering wireless sensor networks that are robust, reliable, and secure, it empowers operators such as yourself to solely focus your efforts on optimization and making better decisions using collected data rather than getting bogged down dealing with connectivity issues.

Environmental Compliance

OleumTech wireless instruments help meet green initiatives and regulatory requirements. Our products, such as wireless level switches and exception reporting devices, prevent costly spills and monitor emissions to protect the environment thereby avoiding costly fines.

Highly Scalable and Flexible

The OleumTech wireless solutions systems can be fully integrated with virtually any existing SCADA or IoT cloud computing systems. Designed to grow with businesses of any size, OleumTech wireless solutions are truly capable of meeting the challenges of today’s complex data infrastructures.