Oil & Gas

Enabling the Digital Oilfield of Tomorrow, Today

Oil and Gas companies turn to innovative technologies when faced with challenges of achieving operational goals and meeting increased worldwide demand for energy. Operators must expand and find better ways to increase their current production levels while complying with environmental regulations. With technological advances in wireless communication and remote telemetry, today, there is the ability to automate and control production sites in widely dispersed geographic areas. WIO Industrial Wireless Automation Solutions enable a new age of digital oilfields with better, faster, and near real-time information to improve productivity, processes and regulatory compliance.

Upstream (Production) Applications:

  • Well-head Automation
  • RTU/EFM I/O Extensions
  • Cathodic Protection Monitoring
  • Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Monitoring
  • Pump/Compressor Station Control Systems

Midstream (Pipeline/Tank Farm) Applications:

  • Tanks Level Monitoring
  • Pipeline Cathodic Protection
  • Rectifier Voltage Monitoring
  • Gas/Liquid Flow Measurement
  • Pipeline Pressure and Valve Monitoring
  • Plunger Lift/Artificial Lift Optimization