Industrial Process Control

Solutions for Optimizing Process Monitoring and Control

Integrating wireless telemetry sensors into certain plant operations can provide greater benefits than simply lowering implementation costs – i.e. optimize plant performance/productivity. Deploying WIO Wireless System in the plant has translated into improved process efficiencies and process optimization by measuring secondary process parameters. The WIO Wireless Sensor/Monitors enable process control improvement and provide the flexibility and portability needed for commissioning more wireless telemetry devices for a better view of the process.

Water/Wastewater Applications

Wireless Process Monitoring and Control Applications:

  • Liquid Level Measurement – eliminate manual readings of tank levels and storage liquid products
  • Valve/Pump Control - remotely actuate elements actuated manually such as ball valves
  • Equipment (Condition/Status) - monitor the status of a switch or a proximity sensor, on/off and run/stop
  • Environmental Monitoring - measure temperature, flow, pressure, corrosion and vibration